Flavourful Ways To Finish Mixed Drinks With A Splash Of Liqueur

Classic cocktails add a charm to everyone’s mind during any season. Most people like to rush to top bars to try out the cocktail recipes of professional bartenders. However, by adding a splash of liqueur, you can show creativity in your cocktail recipes. Liqueurs are really indispensable in mixology. While some people prefer creamy coffee-flavoured liqueurs, others want to have cognac-based orange liqueurs. The best cocktails are a mix of various spirits.

Triple Espresso Martini

Espresso martini has several versions, and you can choose espresso vodka for the recipe. Pair this spirit with amaretto and coconut rum. The vodka will be on the top to provide a delicate crema-like touch. If the cocktail is for sweet-toothed guests, you may add a chocolate rim. Let them feel energetic by sipping the drink. The punch of caffeine will give a different sensation. The ABV of the drink is around 25%.

Tropical Rock

The classic tropical rock cocktails have a mix of lime juice and tequila. However, to make the taste different, you can choose a Pina Colada mix to prepare the drink. Some mixologists prefer adding crème de banana liqueurs and Midori melon liqueurs to the recipe. Take a mason jar and add a Midori to it. Mix the ingredients with a couple of ice cubes. Then again pour Midori and serve the drink with cherries.

Cinco Aneis

This is another cocktail recipe with a Banana liqueur and vodka. To provide a fruity taste, you can add lemon and pineapple juices. However, a small amount of honey syrup will make a balance of the taste. Use a shaking tin to mix the ingredients and pour the contents into your glass.

Golden Cappuccino

Most coffee lovers want to enjoy this yummy dessert cocktail. The flavorful and luscious cocktail contains golden liqueur. Vanilla and anise are other ingredients to provide a multi-dimensional taste. You may also blend various spices for this creamy cocktail. Make sure the heavier cream blends properly with lighter ingredients.

Amaretto Sour

Sweet-toothed persons can try out Amaretto Sour, although it is not overly sweet. You will enjoy a marzipan-like taste with every sip of the drink. Bartenders prepare this cocktail by adding a twist to the recipe of Stone Sour. The recipe is almost the same as other sour cocktails. But, a split base makes a better balance of the taste. The most important ingredients for the recipe are cask-proof bourbon and Amaretto. You have to add a tablespoon of syrup and an ounce of lemon juice. A piece of egg white is also essential for the recipe.

Midori Sour

To prepare this drink, you have to blend Midori and vodka. Buy a 500ml bottle online and mix the drinks. The Japanese liqueur, Melon, is a green-coloured drink. You need to add some lime drops to the cocktail. The cocktail is not excessively boozy but is flavourful. You can choose it as the best summer cocktail.

These are some mixed drinks containing liqueurs and other tasty ingredients.

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